Mixed Reality in a Day

Transform business processes with mixed reality

According to an IDC report, 74% of companies surveyed indicated mixed reality is a key part of their digital transformation strategy. Now is the time to explore the opportunities you can unlock with computing power at the edge that blends the physical and digital worlds to deliver new experiences.


Understand how mixed reality can address your business challenges,
and learn about the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Remote Assist
and Guides.


Define objectives, prioritize use cases and explore potential return on investment. Engage in a demo specific to your priority use
case scenarios.


Develop a plan for implementing the scenario within your organisation to digitally transform with mixed reality.

Explore the benefits of Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and Guides

Create, collaborate, learn in new ways

Boost collaboration across cross-functional teams. Upskill employees with hands-free instructions and easy access to remote experts.

Suntory Whisky employees reduced time to upskill by 70%

Increase efficiency and quality

Improve yield with easy access to critical information and data needed in the physical context
of their work.

L’Oréal reduced diagnosis and issue resolution by 50%

Empower all employees

Bring innovative technology to frontline workers, an
audience traditionally
underserved by technology

The U.K. National Health Service reduced task time by 30%

InterReality Labs specialise in Mixed Reality applications and implementations for Energy, Manufacturing, Transport & Industrial companies. Our innovative team develop custom turnkey hardware, software and service solutions that scale from Proof of Concept to Global rollouts.

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